Oral surgeons have been placing dental implants for over 40 years and are the innovative leaders in the field. Oral surgeons are also the only dental specialists trained, experienced and licensed to safely administer general anesthesia and other IV sedation. 

Dixie Oral Surgery doctors utilize techniques designed for implant surgery, specialized surgical instruments and state-of-the-art equipment that precisely measures bone and assists in determining the best placement for the best results. 

Dental Implants

The solution of choice for replacing missing teeth.


 in talking and smiling.


 in dining, laughing and talking with  friends and family.


 in eating your favorite foods.

We partner with general dentists to provide patients with many dental implant options: 

  • Single tooth implants to support a crown
  • Multiple implants to secure a crown, leaving surrounding natural teeth intact
  • "Snap down" removable denture 
  • "All-on-four" retained denture

Is the cost comparable to a general dentist? How long does it take to recover? 

Will insurance pay for it? Find out all of this and more at our no-charge, 

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